State Machine 2 Releases

1.2.2 (19th May 2023)

  • Nodes will no longer lose their icon
  • Fixed enable / disable nodes in graph
  • Allow all node types to be picked
  • Fixed an error when using Node Conditions in some cases
  • Fixed title formatting on StateMachine Asset instructions
  • Add new State Machine settings tab

1.2.1 (27th April 2023)

  • Fixed an issue with the Photon extension

1.2.0 (11st April 2023)


  • Added new basic AI demo
  • Added support for LocalVariables List only certain types are supported
  • Added support for Quest variables
  • Added support for Inventory variables
  • Added new Run Node instruction for State Machine Asset
  • Added new Stop, Enable, Disable instructions
  • Added new Running and Enabled conditions
  • Added new WebGL demo
  • Allow copy & paste from different projects and Unity versions
  • Is now allowed to pick trigger, sub state machine and start nodes


  • Preven copy & paste of Start Nodes
  • Disabled re-order variables in Blackboard window to prevent UI issues.
  • Fixed an issue making difficult to rename a trigger node

1.1.5 (26th March 2023)

  • Fix for setters not allowing to change State Machine asset target

1.1.4 (26th March 2023)

  • New: Added new demos to show how to use State Machine and State Machine Runner variables
  • New: Tweaked the title of the StateMachine and added label with the path to make it easier to see what StateMachine asset is being edited
  • Fix: Fixed issues with setting and getting SM and Runner variables
  • Fix: Fixed bug with Groups and undo
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where state machine fields where resetting after selecting the node preventing it from setting a different state machine asset


  • FIX: Last GameCreator 2 version had some breaking changes, make sure to grab this update.


  • New: Add documentation description for Trigger nodes that will show up in the node inspector
  • New: Select All short cut. CTRL + A / CMD + A
  • Fix: Some minor code cleanups and improvements


  • FIX: Addressed few installation warnings and errors

1.1.0 (22th March 2023)

  • NEW: Photon 2 integration
  • NEW: Added new photon demo example package (Requires Photon Module 2)
  • NEW: Added new instruction to run specific nodes from a runner
  • NEW: Improved live debug visualization
  • NEW: Added a title at the top right corner to show which State Machine is open
  • FIX: Fix null reference when Trigger node updates
  • FIX: Some set properties had wrong icons
  • Some other minor internal improvements and tweaks

1.0.2 (20th March 2023)

  • Fixed an issue preventing new State Machines from being opened outside the examples folder
  • Fixed an error trying to access a non existent Method
  • Re-organized packages folder structure

1.0.1 (20th March 2023)

  • Compile error fix

1.0.0 (19th March 2023)

  • First release.
  • Keep in mind this is a beta version, if there is any issues or missing feature please don't hesitate to contact me through my email or discord server.