State Machine 2 Releases

1.2.4 (21st Nov 2023)

Due to latest GC updates this version breaks compatibility with the previous versions.

In order to upgrade, be sure to backup your project(s) first and uninstall any previous version.

  • Compatibility with latest Game Creator 2 version 2.13.45

  • Fixed an issue where after state machine selection it wouldn’t refresh list of available variables

1.2.3 (13th June 2023)

  • Upgraded to Unity 2022.3 LTS

  • Fixed issues with latest GC 2 update

  • Updated State Machine variables system to match GC2's update

  • Disabled game object or runner component will now prevent state machines to keep running

1.2.2 (19th May 2023)

  • Nodes will no longer lose their icon

  • Fixed enable / disable nodes in graph

  • Allow all node types to be picked

  • Fixed an error when using Node Conditions in some cases

  • Fixed title formatting on StateMachine Asset instructions

  • Add new State Machine settings tab

1.2.1 (27th April 2023)

  • Fixed an issue with the Photon extension

1.2.0 (11st April 2023)


  • Added new basic AI demo

  • Added support for LocalVariables List only certain types are supported

  • Added support for Quest variables

  • Added support for Inventory variables

  • Added new Run Node instruction for State Machine Asset

  • Added new Stop, Enable, Disable instructions

  • Added new Running and Enabled conditions

  • Added new WebGL demo

  • Allow copy & paste from different projects and Unity versions

  • Is now allowed to pick trigger, sub state machine and start nodes


  • Preven copy & paste of Start Nodes

  • Disabled re-order variables in Blackboard window to prevent UI issues.

  • Fixed an issue making difficult to rename a trigger node

1.1.5 (26th March 2023)

  • Fix for setters not allowing to change State Machine asset target

1.1.4 (26th March 2023)

  • New: Added new demos to show how to use State Machine and State Machine Runner variables

  • New: Tweaked the title of the StateMachine and added label with the path to make it easier to see what StateMachine asset is being edited

  • Fix: Fixed issues with setting and getting SM and Runner variables

  • Fix: Fixed bug with Groups and undo

  • Fix: Fixed an issue where state machine fields where resetting after selecting the node preventing it from setting a different state machine asset


  • FIX: Last GameCreator 2 version had some breaking changes, make sure to grab this update.


  • New: Add documentation description for Trigger nodes that will show up in the node inspector

  • New: Select All short cut. CTRL + A / CMD + A

  • Fix: Some minor code cleanups and improvements


  • FIX: Addressed few installation warnings and errors

1.1.0 (22th March 2023)

  • NEW: Photon 2 integration

  • NEW: Added new photon demo example package (Requires Photon Module 2)

  • NEW: Added new instruction to run specific nodes from a runner

  • NEW: Improved live debug visualization

  • NEW: Added a title at the top right corner to show which State Machine is open

  • FIX: Fix null reference when Trigger node updates

  • FIX: Some set properties had wrong icons

  • Some other minor internal improvements and tweaks

1.0.2 (20th March 2023)

  • Fixed an issue preventing new State Machines from being opened outside the examples folder

  • Fixed an error trying to access a non existent Method

  • Re-organized packages folder structure

1.0.1 (20th March 2023)

  • Compile error fix

1.0.0 (19th March 2023)

  • First release.

  • Keep in mind this is a beta version, if there is any issues or missing feature please don't hesitate to contact me through my email or discord server.

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