The Actor component comes with a set of Conditions that allows you to check whether an actor is death, alive, invulnerable or if class is certain type etc...

Condition Class

Check whether the actor class is from an specific type. For example, you can use in the Game Creator's inventory module to allow specific classes to use certain items.

Condition Death or Alive

Check whether the actor is death or alive.

Condition Invulnerable

Check whether the actor is invulnerable or not.

Condition Level

Check if the actor level is equal, less, greater, greater than or less than an specific number. For example, use this to have skills that are only allowed to use at certain levels.

Condition Level Changed

Similar as the above class but simpler, this one only check whether the actor level went up or down. For example, display a message to let the player know that his actor leveled up.

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