The Actor component comes with a set of Actions that complement Game Creator's and allows to do different things with an Actor. All actions can be used on any other module and everywhere but it requires a target with an Actor component.

Some actions have different targets like Skill Target, Skill Owner, Hit Target these options are meant to be used only inside a Skill.

Action Deal Damage

Deals damage to an Actor you can set it do deal a base value or use a formula to calculate the final damage. For example, this can be used on a Skill or with a trap.

Action Heal

Heals an actor with a base value or by percent.

Action Kill

Kills an actor.

Action Restore

Restores an actor (if its death). It can be restored with certain amount of Health percent.

Action Invulnerable

Toggles invulnerability of an actor. For example, a tower in MOBA game that cannot be destroyed until another one is.

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