⚔️Photon Melee

Photon Melee brings the power of Photon to the Melee module.


There are three main components in the Photon Melee sub-module.

  • Melee Registry: A configuration object which contains all Weapons, Shields and Clips that are required for your game to run.

  • Character Melee Network: A component required to syncronize all melee actions.

This sub-module requires the Melee and Photon Network module

Download the Photon Melee module


Setting up the Photon Melee sub module is a fairly straight forward process after you learn how to use the Photon module and Melee module.

Step 1

The first thing you need is to setup a Melee Registry component and add all the weapons, shields and clips as needed.

Step 2

Once this is done the final step is to turn on the "Sync Shooter" option in your Player Character Shooter or Character Shooter components.

Please keep in mind this module is in BETA, if you see any bugs just report it to support@ninjutsugames.com or at the Discord Server

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