Attributes comes with a set of Actions that complement Actor and Class and allows to do different things give experience, add bonuses, consume mana etc. All actions can be used on any other module and everywhere but it requires a target with an Actor component.

Some actions have different targets like Skill Target, Skill Owner, Hit Target these options are meant to be used only inside a Skill.

Action Change Attribute

With this action you can change every property of an attribute: Value, Consumable Value and Bonus. It is also possible to reduce or multiply any of the values.

This is one of the Actions that will get to use more. You can use it with a sword that boost the Actor attributes for example.

Action Give Experience

Use this action to give experience to your player. For example, after you kill an enemy use Actor event death and add this action to award the actor for every kill or use it with the quest module.

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