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The Photon module comes with a set of Igniters or Triggers that are called when when photon events happens like On Connected, On Joined Room etc.

On Connection Events

This event handle pretty much all Photon Events. Some of them like:

  • OnConnected: Called to signal that the "low level connection" got established but before the client can call operation on the server.

  • OnConnectedToMaster: Called when the client is connected to the Master Server and ready for matchmaking and other tasks.

  • OnDisconnected: Called after disconnecting from the Photon server. It could be a failure or an explicit disconnect call

On Connection State

This event it's called when the Photon Network connection state changes and also store the current state in a local or global variable.

On Photon Matchmaking

This trigger contains all Photon Matchmaking related events

  • OnLeftRoom: Called when the local user/client left a room.

  • OnCreatedRoom: Called when this client created a room and entered it. OnJoinedRoom will be called as well.

  • OnJoinedRoom: Called when entering a room (by creating or joining it). Called on all clients (including the Master Client).

  • OnCreateRoomFailed: Called when the server couldn't create a room (OpCreateRoom failed).

  • OnJoinRoomFailed: Called when a previous OpJoinRoom call failed on the server.

  • OnJoinRandomFailed: Called when a previous OpJoinRandom call failed on the server.

  • OnFriendListUpdate: Called when the server sent the response to a FindFriends request.

On Room Events

This trigger contains all Photon Room related events:

  • OnPlayerEnteredRoom: Called when a remote player entered the room. This Player is already added to the playerlist.

  • OnPlayerLeftRoom: Called when a remote player left the room or became inactive. Check otherPlayer.IsInactive.

  • OnMasterClientSwitched: Called after switching to a new MasterClient when the current one leaves.

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