Synchronizing Characters

Synchronizing a Character it's just as easy as a single click. Once the module it's installed you will notice a new tab called "Network Settings" below the Character's or PlayerCharacter's Inspector in order to make this work just go ahead and enabled the option "Sync Character" that's pretty much it (well that was actually 2 clicks). This auto-magically synchronize every property of a character: Position, Rotation, Speed, Jump Height etc.

Notice that this will add a Photon View component to the game object.

By enabling Sync Character option you will be allowed to tweak some values like:

  • Teleport Distance: if the character's position is too far from this value (distance) it will teleport to the position.

  • Rotation Dampening: how smooth it should rotate.

  • Sync Attachments: whether it should synchronize attachments or not. Just make sure to add any attachments do you want to synchronize to the list as stated here.

This requires to be within a room to work. Nothing happens if not.

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