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🤖State Machine 2

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This module allows to create state machines with Game Creator 2. Keep things clean and organize your triggers, actions and conditions in a simple State Machine, easily re-use them with any type of game object.

Key features

  • Node-Based Graph with amazing performance.

  • Multiple types of Nodes (Triggers, Actions, Branch, Conditions, Sub-StateMachine)

  • Re-use State Machines for any type of logic Game Modes, AI, Player Managers etc.

  • Variables from all types for State Machine asset and Runner.

  • Disable or Lock nodes

  • MiniMap to easily navigate through the graph

  • Group nodes

  • Add Sticky Notes

  • Easily Align Nodes

  • Tons of Shortcuts

  • Complete undo support

  • Copy & Paste nodes between State Machines.

  • Drag & Drop regular GC Actions, Conditions and Triggers to a StateMachine to easily port your previous work.

  • Duplicate State Machines.

  • Add as many Sub-State Machines as you need.

  • Drag & Drop state machines inside other SM's to create Sub-State Machines.

  • Easily export State Machines to share between projects or to other users.

  • Use any type of triggers, actions and conditions inside a State Machine.

  • Works with any other official or un-official Game Creator modules.

  • Live Debug runtime states right in the Editor.

  • Compatible with all modules.

All actions and conditions are compatible with other Game Creator modules.


You'll first need to have Game Creator 2 installed.

The process is simple:

Finally bring up the Game Creator Install Window select the State Machine 2 package and install it.

This module requires Game Creator 2 and won't work without it. Don't attempt to extract the package inside the Plugins/ folder as it will throw some errors.

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