Photon Module 2 Releases

v1.3.6 (Jun 19th 2024)

  • New Set Offline Mode instruction

  • Photon Instantiate event will pass the proper target object

  • Added new Color Ping property

  • Added new number properties Player Number, Ping and Score

  • Added new Player Spawned and Despawned events

  • Floating text will now pass the proper target object

  • Changed room chat component colors to GC properties

v1.3.5 (Dec 23th 2023)

  • Updated demos

v1.3.4 (Nov 14th 2023)

  • Support for Game Creator 2 version 2.13.45

  • Added sprite field to photon models list

  • Updated demos

v1.3.3 (Sep 9th 2023)

  • Support for latest GC 2 version

  • Support for latest Ready Player Me SDK

  • Updated demos

v1.3.2 (June 14th 2023)

  • Fixed issues with latest GC2 update

  • Added new Preload Avatars instruction for Ready Player Me

  • Updated demos

v1.3.0 (May 17th 2023)


  • Room Chat component

  • ReadyPlayerMe support

  • Change Model network synchronization

  • Local and Global List Variables Network component, lists can be use for Player List, Network Instantiation or Synchronize their values through the network.

  • New floating UI text system

  • New Character Selection demo

  • New SyncScene demo

  • New Photon Models List component to be able to sync model changes

  • Teleport if player is too distant from its real position

  • New Player Count getter

  • New UnitPhotonDirectional for remote players and changed how position is sync

  • Unity Random seed synchronization

  • New InputReference

  • New Getters Last Chat Player and Last Message from Player

  • New Is Message Queue Running instruction

  • New Don't Destroy On Load instruction

  • New Condition Photon State


  • Reset kernel facing and player when master client switches

  • Sync when vertical speed is reset

  • Improved position and rotation synchronization

  • Photon Player Name getter will return local set nickname if no target is set

  • Changed PhotonLoadLevelIndex to use Scene getter from GameCreator instead


  • Prevent RPC and LocalNameVariablesNetwork to execute network calls when not in a room

  • Fixed issues initializing NetworkManager

  • Fixed an issue resetting player making unable to perform certain actions after viewing a character inspector

  • Fixed issues with Player and Room name getters

  • Fixed another issue with VisualScriptingNetworking component

  • Fixed a null ref issue with TriggerRPC and ActionsRPC

  • Fixed an issue with Photon Instantiation variables

  • Fixed issues with track and untrack objects


  • Fixed a bug with latest GC2 update


  • Fixed an issue with RPC's not initializing correctly

v1.2.0 (March 27th 2023)

  • NEW Character attachments synchronization

  • NEW Photon Attachment component

  • NEW Update demo scene with an attachment see it in action, also update live demo.

  • NEW Request Ownership instruction

  • NEW OnOwnershipRequest event

  • NEW OnOwnershipTransfered event

  • NEW OnOwnershipFailed event

  • NEW Is Owner condition

  • Fixed some internal issues with the Visual Scripting Network components

  • Updated some property icons

  • Updated to latest Game Creator 2

  • Updated to Unity 2021.3.20f1


  • New Local Name Variables synscronization

  • New Global Name Variables synscronization

  • Improved facing direction syncronization to work with any type of character configuration

  • Fixed an issue with VisualScriptingNetworking not cleaning up properly

  • Fixed issues with ragdoll sync

  • Is Mine will no longer throw an error if the Game Object doesn't have a Photon View

  • Fix rotation issue for NPCs


  • Fixed an issue prevent builds to run properly

  • Updated WebGL demo


  • Fixed issues with RPCs not running on builds

  • Added new OnPhotonInstantiate event

  • Improved PhotonInstantiate and InstantiateRoomObject instructions to accept both Local and Global name variables

  • Updated WebGL demo

  • Known Issues: Player nickname are not showing in builds, this will be fixed in the next update coming soon.

1.0.0 (2nd March 2023)

  • First release.

  • Keep in mind this is a beta version, if there is any issues or missing feature please don't hesitate to contact me through my email or discord server.

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