The Skills

Skills are basically a template with a set of actions that an Actor can execute. This module is packed with a bunch of options to create your skills easily.

Passive Skills

This type of skill is activated when the Actor learns it. This is useful for things like learn how to use a weapon or a tool.

Active Skills

Active Skill are the type of skill that let's you execute visual actions, there is 4 different types of delivery:

  • Instant: useful for Melee skills, AOE (Area of Effect) or even an Explosion :).

  • Projectile: with this you can create from a magic ball to a rain of fire.

  • Status: this is useful for Buff/Debuff like DOT's (Damage Over Time). This can also be used for things like Regeneration for example, add a condition if player HP attribute is below 100% increase the HP every 1 second by HP Regen Attribute value.

  • Aura: with this type of Skill you can have abilities that can add bonus attributes to friendly Actors.

The Editor

The Skill system comes with a very powerful editor that let's create and easily manage all your skills.

You can tweak skills at runtime! All changes are saved automatically.

Instant Delivery Skill

Projectile Delivery Skill

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