🏃Photon Traversal

Photon Traversal brings the power of Photon to the Traversal module.


Photon Traversal tightly integrates Photon by automatically syncronizing all types of obstacles, climbables and players

There are three main objects in the Photon Traversal sub-module.

  • Traversable Registry: A configuration object which contains all Traversable objects that are required for your game to run.

  • Traversal Character Network: A component required to syncronize all traversable character actions.

  • Climbable Network: A component required to syncronize the climbable actions of an object.

  • Obstacle Network: A component required to syncronize the obstacle actions of an object.

  • Graple Hook Network: A component required to syncronize the graple hook actions of an object.

This sub-module requires the Traversal and Photon Network module

Download the Photon Traversal module


Setting up the Photon Traversal sub module is a fairly straight forward process after you learn how to use the Photon module and Traversal module.

1. Traversable Registry

The first thing you need is to setup a Traversable Registry component into your scene.

Right Click in Hierarchy panel: Game Creator > Traversal > Traversable Registry

2. Register All Traversables

Use the Find All button to look up for all Traversable components on the scene.

Use the Convert to Network to replace all regular single player components to their respective networked version.

Use Convert to Normal to roll them back to the original Traversal components

3. Traversable Character Network

The final step is to add a Traversable Character Network component to your player prefab and you are good to go.

This component has 2 toggle options:

  • Disable With Chat: when this is on and if room chat is open it will disable traversable control inputs.

  • Debug: this will throw info messages into the console log just for debugging.

Please keep in mind this module is in BETA, if you see any bugs just report it to support@ninjutsugames.com or at the Discord Server

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