0.2.3 (10th August 2021)

  • Fixed bug prevent Local Variables popup to show when clicking inside the State Machine
  • Fixed issues with some of the State Machine demos due to the order of execution of the scripts

0.2.2 (30th July 2021)

  • Fixed issues when adding new blackboard variables and not appearing in the list
  • Fixed an issue when renaming a blackboard variable would not update the list immediately
  • New State Machine Controller variables will now be ordered by the same order of the blackboard list

0.2.1 (5th May 2021)

  • Added new shortcut keys to create Actions (A) and Triggers (T)
  • Added new shortcut key to create a transition pressing T when have a state selected or mouse over
  • Added color to transitions with conditions
  • Added new Lights demo
  • Added new AI demo
  • Added minor performance improvements
  • Added the missing up node when copy&paste a sub-state machine
  • Added new comments feature to states
  • Added a new feature to copy and paste conditions from the list menu
  • Added better handling of nodes without names
  • Added new Variable Change demo
  • Updated patrol demo scene
  • Moved examples prefabs to their own folder to prevent losing your own State Machine prefabs when disabling the Examples module
  • Fixed cancel transition if mouse is up outside of the canvas
  • Fixed allow to make the action transition only if mouse position is on the empty canvas
  • Fixed variable not being updated in the State Machine Controller
  • Fixed an issue when creating variables in the Blackboard would delete actions
  • Fixed an issue when deleting transitions from list menu
  • Fixed triggers being removed if new variable was removed
  • Fixed disabled Export button on Sub-SMs
  • Fixed got rid of auto select SM annoying behavior
  • Fixed an issue with State Machine initialization
  • Fixed issues with Local and List Variables with State Machine
  • Fixed some issues with transitions selection
  • Fixed transition mode will now be included when copy & paste
  • Fixed issues when duplicating State Machines
  • Fixed up node when copy & pasting a state machine
  • Fixed drawing of transitions for some specific cases
  • Fixed issues when drag and drop scene actions/conditions/triggers to a State Machine
  • Fixed bug when adding Trigger at runtime
  • Fixed random delete issue
  • Fixed ListVariable invoker from State Machine
  • Fixed get & set SM variables from outside

0.1.3 (1st March 2021)

  • Added the ability to preview and edit colliders from the State Machine
  • Added the ability to drag & drop Action, Conditions and Triggers from the Scene to a State Machine
  • Added a new option in State Machine Controller inspector called Override Collider Values
    • If set to false you will be able to have custom collider values per SM Controller
    • If set to true changing the values in controller collider will change the values in the State Machine
  • Added new Transition Mode which gives you two options to run transitions:
    • Parallel: All transitions are executed at once.
    • Selective: Tries executing the first transition if its not successful it will continue. This useful for If/Else cases.
  • Added new shortcut to make transitions. Press the key T with a node selected or mouse over and it will start making a transition.
  • Added new way to cancel Transition making by pressing the key ESC
  • Added when making a transition clicking on the Canvas it will auto create an action node.
  • Added new Door demo
  • Fixed any missing monobehavior will get automatically cleaned up from the StateMachine
  • Fixed create or pasting nodes was not being place in the center of mouse position.
  • Fixed issues with Triggers that needs Colliders
  • Fixed issues with Blackboard variables
  • Fixed breaking changes when trying to Undo any change

0.1.2 (25th February 2021)

  • Added the ability to drag the canvas with middle mouse button
  • Fixed a bug preventing Windows users to right click and see context menu
  • Fixed demo examples

0.1.1 (15th February 2021)

  • First release.