Photon Network

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This is a module made for Game Creator that seamlessly integrates Photon Unity Networking and allows you to have networking in your game with just few clicks and without writing a single line of code.

To learn more about Photon Unity Networking head out to their website.

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Key features

  • Complete Character's synchronization (Position, rotation, speed, jump etc.)

  • Full control of Player Properties and Room Properties via actions.

  • Synchronize Actions with a single click.

  • Character Attachments synchronization.

  • Cached prefab list editor, easily add prefabs for Network instantiation.

  • Item pickup system. Useful for power-ups or Game Creator's Inventory or Quest module.

  • Packed with Actions and Conditions that can be used on any other Game Creator module.

  • Built-in editor debugging tools to see connection status, player properties, room properties and more.

All actions and conditions are compatible with other Game Creator modules.


You can get Photon Unity Networking from here.

Download the package from the Unity Asset Store. You'll first need to have Game Creator and Photon Unity Networking installed.

Then, bring up the Module Manager Window and click the Photon's Enable button.

This module requires Game Creator and Photon Unity Network 2 and won't work without it. Don't attempt to extract the package inside the Plugins/ folder as it will throw some errors.

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