Instantiation Options

There is multiple ways to instantiate an object or player.

All instantiation options requires the prefab to have a Photon View attached to it.

1. Photon Database

To instantiate a player object you can add drag and drop you prefabs to the Prefabs tab in Photon Preferences inside Game Creator Preferences.

2. Game Creator List

This method makes whatever object you put in this Game Creator list available for network instantiation.

By using a list you can make it easy if you want the player to have an specific or random prefab based on the list iterator.

This method is useful if you want to keep your instantiation available only on an specific scene which its also useful for Asset Bundles.

3. Prefab inside Resources Folder

If you choose to pick a prefab directly in the Photon Instantiate action your prefab must be inside a Resources Folder or added to the Photon Database (see option 1)

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