Settings Editor

Faction Settings Editor

The Faction Settings Editor is the central hub for managing all faction relationships and statuses within your game. It provides a comprehensive interface for defining and visualizing how different factions interact with each other.

Faction relationships in this system are inherently two-way, meaning that each factionโ€™s stance towards another can differ.

For example, while the โ€œHumansโ€ faction might view the โ€œOrcsโ€ as hostile, the โ€œOrcsโ€ might view the โ€œHumansโ€ as neutral. This dynamic allows for complex and realistic interactions where each faction independently determines its stance towards every other faction. The relationships matrix visually represents these two-way dynamics, making it easy to understand and manage the intricate web of inter-faction relationships in your game.

Faction Statuses

  • Key: This field allows you to define the name of the faction status, such as Hostile, Neutral, Friendly, or any custom status like Honored.

  • Color: Each status is associated with a color for easy visualization and differentiation.

  • Points Required: This defines the reputation points needed for an entity to reach a specific status with a faction.

Faction Relationships Matrix

The relationships matrix is a visual representation of how each faction perceives the other factions. It uses the defined statuses to show these relationships.

Select each circle to modify the relationship status between factions. These adjustments will also be applied to each Faction asset accordingly.

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