👑Loot Locker

The ultimate backend system for Game Creator 2

This module integrates LootLocker backend system with Game Creator 2

Key Features

  • Leaderboards

  • Load Save (Built-in integration with Game Creator 2's LoadSave system)

  • Progressions (Character levels, professions etc)

  • Messages (in-game news, notifications)

  • Replenish System (Server time based system to replenish values and offline earnings)

  • Authentication (Google, Apple, Email, Guest, Steam and more)

  • Player Storage

  • Player Name

  • Date Time System (Use date time as variables anywhere)

  • Triggers (Add whatever triggers you want to, then reward players however you see fit.)

Coming Soon

  • Heroes & Classes (Rogue. Tank. Omniknight. Define the heroes and classes that players can play, their attributes, and what they can equip or store in their inventory.)

  • Leaderboards meta data

  • Friends and Clan system

  • Built-in integration with official modules Inventory, Quest and Stats

  • Economy System

  • Universal Accounts

  • Account linking

  • In-Game Stores

  • User Generated Content

  • Currencies

  • Battle Passes

  • Achievements

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