The Photon module comes with a set of Actions that complement Game Creator's. All actions can be used on any other module

Most of the Actions won't work if you are not connect to the Photon Service unless you have offline mode activated.

Synchronizing Actions

Synchronizing Actions it's just as easy as a single click. Once the module it's installed you will notice a new tab called "Network Settings" below the Action's Inspector in order to make this work just go ahead and enabled the option "Sync Actions" that's pretty much it (well that was actually 2 clicks).

This requires to be within a room to work. Nothing happens if not.

If you are synchronizing actions some times you might need to use target Invoker instead of Player

Once you enabled Sync Actions you can select the targets you want to synchronize with.

Notice that this will add a Photon View component to the game object.

Action Photon Connect

Allows you connect to the Photon Service, parameters:

  • Game Version: this client's version number. Users are separated from each other by game version (which allows you to make breaking changes).

  • Methods: this action allows you to connect using 3 different method types:

    • UsingSettings: Connect to Photon as configured in the PUN settings

    • Region: Connects to the Photon Cloud region of choice.

    • BestCloudServer: Connect to the Photon Cloud region with the lowest ping.

Connecting to the Photon Cloud might fail due to:

- Invalid AppId calls: OnFailedToConnectToPhoton. check exact AppId value

- Network issues calls: OnFailedToConnectToPhoton

- Invalid region calls: OnConnectionFail with DisconnectCause.InvalidRegion

- Subscription CCU limit reached calls: OnConnectionFail with DisconnectCause.MaxCcuReached. also calls: OnPhotonMaxCccuReached

Actions Photon Disconnect

Makes this client disconnect from the photon server, a process that leaves any room and calls OnDisconnectedFromPhoton on completion.

Action Photon Instantiate

Instantiate a prefab over the network. There is 2 types of instantiations:

  • Player Object: the owner of the object is the player. Normally when player disconnects all instantiated player objects will be destroyed.

  • Scene Object: the owner of the object is the scene. The object will always be there unless someone destroys it.

This prefab needs to be defined in Prefabs list from Photon Preferences Settings or located in the root of a "Resources" folder.

Action Create Room

Action Join or Create Room

Action Join Room

Action Kick Player

Action Leave Room

Action Reconnect

Action Reconnect and Rejoin

Action Rejoin Room

Action Send Photon RPC

Action Score

Action Player Property

Action Room Property

Action Start Timer

Action Photon Change Text

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