0.2.3 (10th August 2021)

    Fixed bug prevent Local Variables popup to show when clicking inside the State Machine
    Fixed issues with some of the State Machine demos due to the order of execution of the scripts

0.2.2 (30th July 2021)

    Fixed issues when adding new blackboard variables and not appearing in the list
    Fixed an issue when renaming a blackboard variable would not update the list immediately
    New State Machine Controller variables will now be ordered by the same order of the blackboard list

0.2.1 (5th May 2021)

    Added new shortcut keys to create Actions (A) and Triggers (T)
    Added new shortcut key to create a transition pressing T when have a state selected or mouse over
    Added color to transitions with conditions
    Added new Lights demo
    Added new AI demo
    Added minor performance improvements
    Added the missing up node when copy&paste a sub-state machine
    Added new comments feature to states
    Added a new feature to copy and paste conditions from the list menu
    Added better handling of nodes without names
    Added new Variable Change demo
    Updated patrol demo scene
    Moved examples prefabs to their own folder to prevent losing your own State Machine prefabs when disabling the Examples module
    Fixed cancel transition if mouse is up outside of the canvas
    Fixed allow to make the action transition only if mouse position is on the empty canvas
    Fixed variable not being updated in the State Machine Controller
    Fixed an issue when creating variables in the Blackboard would delete actions
    Fixed an issue when deleting transitions from list menu
    Fixed triggers being removed if new variable was removed
    Fixed disabled Export button on Sub-SMs
    Fixed got rid of auto select SM annoying behavior
    Fixed an issue with State Machine initialization
    Fixed issues with Local and List Variables with State Machine
    Fixed some issues with transitions selection
    Fixed transition mode will now be included when copy & paste
    Fixed issues when duplicating State Machines
    Fixed up node when copy & pasting a state machine
    Fixed drawing of transitions for some specific cases
    Fixed issues when drag and drop scene actions/conditions/triggers to a State Machine
    Fixed bug when adding Trigger at runtime
    Fixed random delete issue
    Fixed ListVariable invoker from State Machine
    Fixed get & set SM variables from outside

0.1.3 (1st March 2021)

    Added the ability to preview and edit colliders from the State Machine
    Added the ability to drag & drop Action, Conditions and Triggers from the Scene to a State Machine
    Added a new option in State Machine Controller inspector called Override Collider Values
      If set to false you will be able to have custom collider values per SM Controller
      If set to true changing the values in controller collider will change the values in the State Machine
    Added new Transition Mode which gives you two options to run transitions:
      Parallel: All transitions are executed at once.
      Selective: Tries executing the first transition if its not successful it will continue. This useful for If/Else cases.
    Added new shortcut to make transitions. Press the key T with a node selected or mouse over and it will start making a transition.
    Added new way to cancel Transition making by pressing the key ESC
    Added when making a transition clicking on the Canvas it will auto create an action node.
    Added new Door demo
    Fixed any missing monobehavior will get automatically cleaned up from the StateMachine
    Fixed create or pasting nodes was not being place in the center of mouse position.
    Fixed issues with Triggers that needs Colliders
    Fixed issues with Blackboard variables
    Fixed breaking changes when trying to Undo any change

0.1.2 (25th February 2021)

    Added the ability to drag the canvas with middle mouse button
    Fixed a bug preventing Windows users to right click and see context menu
    Fixed demo examples

0.1.1 (15th February 2021)

    First release.
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